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Ralston, PA

Rock Run

McIntyre Wild Area

Outcrops and a few freestanding boulders overlooking Rock Run Valley. Small cluster of extremely high quality stone. A rope is suggested for chalking up the tall boulders and a rehearsal if need. The main section of the best boulders are highlighted. The ridgeline continues SW for about 2 miles with more pockets of rock. Explore!

The Beta

From the parking, hike back down hill for 3 minutes (117 yards) looking for a old grade on your right. Hike up the old grade for 5 minutes (120 yards) until you near the top and see an old flat road heading left. Take this road for 6 minutes (160 yards). Once you spot the boulders on the rim to the right, hike up the steep hill towards them in about 5+ minutes (170 yards).