If maps are not your thing here is a sortable list of all the Pennsylvania bouldering areas on the map. Filter by county for areas in the covered by the guidebook. PDF guides are up-to-date.

Barclay Cemetery205
Barclay Center625
Bear Run25
Big Rocks Vista5
Big Rocks Vista: Breeze Ave5
Blue Run Rocks30
Bodine Mountain: Lower Fern137
Bodine Mountain: Middle Fern105
Bodine Mountain: The Spur20
Bodine Mountain: Upper Fern125
Bodine Mountain: Wastelands20
Boone Run1115
Carbon Run1715
Cash Mountain130
Cash Pond130
Coal Run3420
Coffin Rock5
Dry Run3625
Falls Creek2412
Fellows Creek110
Kellogg Mountain: Deep Hollow Rd.25
Kellogg Mountain: Lookout Tower5
Little Toby: Rail Trail60
Little Toby: Vineyard Run20
Long Valley7810
Lyman Run5
Maxwell Run15
McCraney Run2125
Mud Pond130
Ricketts Glen: Cherry Run15
Ricketts Glen: Midway Crevasse10
Rock Run: Band Rock513
Rock Run: Buck Run645
Rock Run: Doe Run1545
Rock Run: Main Area444
Rock Run: McIntyre Wild Area1420
Rock Run: McIntyre Wild Area10
Rock Run: Miners Run218
Sawmill Creek15
Slate Run: Algerine Wild Area30
Slate Run: Red Run Trail45
Stony Brook5
Stony Fork: Black Run115
Stony Fork: Claymine Road415
Stony Fork: Fork Hill1520
Stony Fork: Rattler Road2125
Stony Fork: Rattler Run20
Stony Fork: Roland Run513
Sunfish Pond: Annex8025
Sunfish Pond: Main Area405
Sunfish Pond: Southside115
Sunfish Pond: Tower Area83
The Corner15
The Hideout110
Tornado G-Spot11
Triple Roofs195
Windy Valley Road2
Worlds End: Boulder Garden13
Worlds End: Boulder Garden10
Worlds End: Campsite 72515
Worlds End: Coal Mine Road88
Worlds End: Cold Run Trail33
Worlds End: Loyalsock Trail Roof120
Worlds End: Tamarack Run125
Wyncoop Run10

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