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State Game Lands 12

Sunfish Pond


The Annex of Sunfish Pond offers a high concentration of high-quality boulder problems. Isolated south of the pond lies a piece of the Southeast in the North. A large boulder garden on top of a mountain much like Stone Fort, TN. In the fall this place is magical and many classics are out there.

The Beta

From the parking head to the edge of the woods, then follow a faint old logging grade though the forest for 10 minutes (1000 yards). There often is flagging tape and cat eyes for the trail. When you reach the creek cross at the close rocks and continue on the otherside along another logging grade for 2 minutes (150 yards). Continue up a steep trail cut in the hillside heading uphill through new growth forest for 10 minutes (600 yards). Don’t rush your first time and leafless months will be easiest to navigate.

Once you are at the top of the hill, hike East for 3 minutes (175 yards) arriving at Vulcan Boulder A. If all worked out well enjoy yourself. First time visitors should use a GPS for guidance it is a moderately involved but, worthy hike.


Micro Approach Beta

Once you crest the hill start traveling left (west) to reach the bottom of the boulderfield. Keep below a 4ft outcropping and continue until you to come up to the base of Vulcan Boulder . The heart of the boulderfield is near the tip of Cave Boulder and all endeavors can be started from here.