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LeRoy, PA

Cash Pond

One of LeRoy’s best backwoods bouldering zones. The rock quality is variable between white sandstone and a gritty orange stone. One of the best moderates in Northern PA resides out here.

The Beta

Hike the road towards Cash Pond, when the road forks stay right eventually passing the Cash Pond on your left 10 minutes (804 yards). After passing the pond hike another 6 minutes (568 yards) to a sharp bend in the road. Continue right along the older road for 4 minutes (136 yards). Take another right and head south on an old grown in road through some open woods with low growth for 10 minutes (360 yards). Emerge out to the edge of the plateau and head right along some a game trail for 4 minutes (120 yards) to arrive at the best boulder in the Northern Game Lands.