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LeRoy, PA

Long Valley

A large long linear boulderfield with variable rock quality. At times and can be sharp, but when it’s good it closely resembles quality glassy quartzite. The area hosts a unique climbing style. It is not uncommon to find finger pockets and deep sinker buckets.

The Beta

From the SGL Gate 36-30 continue along the old access road for 10 minutes (0.5 miles) and enter the forest on the left downhill slope into an open pine forest. Follow the herd path 2 minutes (50 yards) to the boulders. You should be looking downhill at the back of Tall Boy H. From here you can either traverse through the boulderfield. North (left) towards  or south (right) towards S.

Tip: It is a lengthy boulderfield with lots of small pits to fall into. It is suggested to hike padless to view the entire boulderfield instead of traversing to see what’s, what.