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Ralston, PA

Rock Run

Buck Run

A backcountry bouldering zone with large boulders to cut your teeth on. Easy access off the old Ellenton Mountain Grade. The quality of the rock is mediocre to coarse conglomerate. The height of some of the boulders warrants a rope and ascension gear to rehearse and clean. If that hasn’t deterred you, the boulders are spread out but still accessible via different access points off the Old Loggers Trail.

The Beta

Continue down the dirt road (off season) for 20 minutes (0.8 miles) passing the pipeline cut. Once past the pipe cut the road deteriorates into a primitive road. From here continue along the old road for 20 minutes (1 mile) until you reach the PA State Forest Gate also labelled as Crandall Town Trail. Follow this trail for 5 minutes (475 yards). You will intersect the Old Loggers Path (orange blazes) turn right on the OLP and continue up the short hill to the top of the outcropping for 10 minutes (220 yards).  Soon the trail will reach the edge of the outcropping in 5 minutes (200 yards). Descend down into the boulders. Its advised to use the OLP to access other boulders.