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Falls Creek External Google Map
LeRoy, PA

Falls Creek

A very small but, high quality boulderfield with quality stone. Some boulders have flawless wood grain sandstone. Nice physical climbing in a beautiful setting. Almost a perfect area if larger.

The Beta

From the parking, go across the coal pit north 2 minutes (113 yards) to find an old road heading downhill for 5 minutes (465 yards) go left off the off the old road into the thin forest down into an old pine grove 3 minutes (180 yards). Hike 3 minutes (180 yards) to, then along the creek. Hop the creek before the waterfall and go 3 minutes (110 yards) east until you see the trail through the thick brush on your right. You will emerge at Sleepy Head


Micro Approach Beta

Once you cross the creek, travel through the pine forest keeping close to the rhododendron to find the entrance to Sleepy Head Boulder . Staying high through forest to an old logging. Descend this old road to Widow’s Tear letter e. It is possible to hike from  to  but, is a little thick with low growth.