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Hillsgrove, PA

Dry Run

The promised land of boulders of flawless, glaciated quartz sandstone lay on the hillside of Dry Run Gorge. Every boulder and every problem here is fantastic and beautiful. The boulders themselves yield very interesting features such as water runnels, water polished cracks, dimples, and deep buckets.

The Beta

Hike the High Knob Trail along the old access road for 12 minutes (980 yards) passing 13 distinct drainages crossing the road. At the 13th drainage hike directly left (uphill)over the bank and up, up, up to join an old logging trail. Continue trudging for 12 minutes (530 yards) along the old trail to arrive at Trailside Boulder . Rest legs, harass stragglers, and rejoice.


Micro Approach Beta

It is possible to hike directly to the High Knob Trail from Trailside Boulder . The trail can be visible during the leafless months. Just take care down the steep hillside.