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Upper Buck Run & Carbon Run

Wow, the weather recently has been out of control. It was in the low 80’s all week so Chris and I headed out to Upper Buck Run to climb some boulders I found & cleaned over the winter. I primarily wanted to show him some of the hard project lines I spotted but, due to the high heat and humidity we decided to focus our energy on more obtainable lines. Yes, we have media this time.

Upper Buck Run

Upper Buck Run, home of some really hard projects also home to the prized pink colored boulder that sits on the hill side. With amazing grips and texture it is something you can get really syked on when you see it. We cleaned up some surrounding warm ups and then got on the gentle giant.

The main line is straight up the center on modest holds. Dubbed Pints of Guinness Make You Strong, is a fantastic line with a very heady crux move to a long slab topout. Area classic for sure.

We then we headed down to this one boulder I was intrigued with. I stated to scope it out and seconds later I hear a yell from Chris and I ran down the hill to see what was up. In front of him was a sick looking boulder. It was like something straight from Fontainebleau. Perfect compact sandstone with elephant skin features and tough slopers. This lone boulder yielded a beaut of a line, but the tragedy is that its the only of its kind.

As the sun set and dehydration set in we wrapped the day up on a tough slopey lip traverse Freudian Lip. People, don’t make the mistake like we did and not bring enough beverage, we were quite delirious at the end of the day. We even had a conversation about which flavor of Gatorade was the best…

Carbon Run

I have been getting out a couple days in a row and instead of trashing myself on the harder climbs, I have been developing some other crags with easy to moderate lines. The most recent is Carbon Run. The approach is super easy and there are a little more than a dozen easier climbs that all can enjoy. There are 2 choice prime lines out there. A moderate climb line up a overhanging face and a harder traverse. For all the beta check out the mini guide – Carbon Run Bouldering Guide.

Video Beta:

Climb 1: Something Hood – Upper Buck Run
Climb 2: Pints of Guinness – Upper Buck Run
Climb 3: Umbrella – Carbon Run
Climb 4: Fruedian Lip – Upper Buck Run
Climb 5: La Malheruex – Upper Buck Run
Climb 6: How to Look Like a Fool Post Topout Failure – UBR