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03.15.2012 / Sunfish Pond

The Annex Day 2

It was a beautiful day, a few of us (who shall remain nameless) skipped work to get out to the Annex to develop the great boulders at Sunfish Pond. A rough total of a 10 new lines were put up and most are very high quality.

Again there should have been some media police on the scene as every awesome send/fa the video tape was not rolling. We were able to capture 2 cool crimp lines on video though. Next time I promise to get more action. After 2 full days of development only 2 of the many blocs are completely ticked off. A total of 16 stellar problems in 2 days of effort. If this momentum continues this Sunfish sub sector could boast ~ 80 – 100 boulder problems.

I am very much looking forward to the next few months. There is also talk of maybe putting together a showcase reel of all the best lines in Northern PA. There are many problems that exemplify high quality aesthetic lines on fantastic stone. It will be exciting what makes the cut.

On a side note: Who has climbed all winter? It has been a “forever fall” for us and never received that well deserved recovery time that we normally do over the cold snowy months.