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Doe Run Boulder Field

Despite what the weatherman said, Chris and I headed aimlessly in the direction of a few areas that have been under recent discovery/development just south of Ithaca in the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania. The heavy rain the night seemed to be dried away and what appeared to be a beautiful day ahead, was quickly shattered when it first started to sprinkle, then rain, then pour. With a miserable approach in the rain, it finally let off minutes before getting to the boulders. Making a crazy call to stay, in hopes of it drying quick due to the heavy winds actually paid off.

Being Chris’ second time there an only seeing the first 100yds of the east end of the boulder field, i wanted to give the “partial tour”. As this area is pretty large and it took 20 minutes to hike to the middle of the boulders. After showing him some of the nicer boulders, we stumbled upon a white roof that was completely overlooked during previous visits. We hustled back for our stuff got a quick warm up on and then make the trek back to the roof. We made quick work of two great lines, Land Shark and Piranha, both to be classic moderates on flawless rock. Super fun and excellent quality.

After that I wanted to show Chris the Fools Gold Project, this fine specimen, which Steve and I worked  on one hot summer day. With fall temperatures this time around, we were able to do every move but couldn’t link up the two obvious sections. The high stand, went down in send train fashion and was dubbed Cosby Sweater. Now the “Cosby Project”, looks like it could be one of the hardest lines here so far. Very excited to get back with fresh skin and fresh syke.