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Coke Arete Project

Chris and I made a late in the day trip out to the infamous Coke Arete Project at Upper Buck Run after spending most of the day at Sunfish Pond. I decided to take Chris on a round about hike to show him all the other goodies lurking in the area namely the boulders down the road from the Doe Run area named Buck Run. I have been talking up these boulders for a while but, with so many new areas springing up you naturally go to the ones with the shortest approach first. So no development occurred and secondly I have been the only one to check them out.

Getting the chance to hike this time of year was awesome. We spotted a few dozen more boulders that I originally passed by on my initial visits. They looked really good. Clearly the potential out here is massive. Between Doe Run, Buck Run and Upper Buck Run there is potential for a few hundred boulder problems.

The only real issue is the approach. Personally I don’t think it is too bad. I just remind myself if I was out in Colorado you would be hiking for an hour uphill at high elevation. But, I think because of the 40minute (mostly flat) approach, it might not take popularity when this place sees its full potential.

What we now so far is that the first move is a very, very hard bump to a sharp crimp (crux #1). Then there is some v7ish climbing until you reach the half way point (crux #2) from there we haven’t made any progress and from the ground its hard to see how the moves go. One thing is for sure those crimps are sharp!

Here is a short video of Chris working the amazing Coke Arete Project.