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Secrets Warmup Session

06.06.14 0 Standard Warmup

Proving that there seems to be endless rock on that little plateau out in PA. Video from last year, when I showed Andy and Nina what I found the season before. This is just one of many nice boulders out there in an area dubbed the Secrets. Here are a couple of easier lines on a nice freestanding block.

Let the right one in

06.05.14 1 Dracula

Another batch of video from the archive. Here is from last year when Chris was back in town. Supreme summer conditions. Super good line right here.

No Diggity

06.04.14 3 Kaah Pow

Wow, straight from the archives. This is what happens when you unload images from your camera every 2 years. Throwing it back to Steve’s visit to the Annex. Here is a little flick of a ‘proper’ ascent of Kaah Pow; a climb proving to be an Annex classic. Also a little man’s worst nightmare. Way to get it done, cause the boy got skillz, trumped tight, all day, every day, no diggity.


06.02.14 1 Battlemaniacs

A great new line up in Falls Creek, basically links a smaller roof section into the existing problem Battletoads.

Best of Meth Valley

05.31.14 0 Gods of Carnage