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New Highballs at the Annex

POSTED: Feb 06, 2015 BY: Sifu

Spring 2011

It started back during the winter of 2011 when I was tired of the lack of “local” climbing areas near Ithaca.One frosty wintery day I convinced my girlfriend, at the time, to come for a bushwack hike out in PA. The results from this amateur hike is what is now dubbed as Triple Roofs. The climbing here was, to put it lightly, not world class or abundant, but it gave me hope and the fire to see what was in the surrounding area.

One spring day after the thaw I took a good friend, Chris Chilas to see the roofs. He too was giddy of the idea of localized climbing. After that day I spent most non climbing weekends, looking for bigger and better areas. The more I looked the more I found.


Together Chris and I spent 2011-2012 developing areas such as Sunfish Pond, The Annex, McCraney Run, Doe Run, Buck Run, Kellogg Mountain.

Late 2012 when the boulder well appeared to be running dry is when the number of areas doubled. Boom! In a couple weekends of scouting, areas such as Long Valley, Cash Pond, Falls Creek, Mud Pond, Roofstafari, Coal Run were all unearthed and development begun.


A small team of us, Julie, Nina and myself put efforts in and developed more of Coal Run and Falls Creek. The Secrets, was discovered. The Super Secrets were also found while accidentally hiking. Julie and I cleaned house at another area the Bin Laden Cave.


During the Spring of 2014 I made a return visit to PA to do some development. I developed much of the Cash Pond side of the the mountain. Areas such as Cash Pond, Secrets, Super Secrets and the Bin Laden Cave.

During the early summer there was some development with in Sunfish Pond Park, notably the Shame Sausage.

Chad Cowan made a significant find of Hidden Leaf which add another small area in between Triple Roofs and Coal Run.


The region saw an influx of new faces. It was great to hear that these boulders are getting travel and folks are enjoying themselves. A short spring season and swampy hot summer season. Not much development occurred. 2016 it is on.


The climbing out here was amazing. Some of the best boulder problems I have ever been on were just waiting out in the forests untouched. Climbs such as Tailspin, God of Carnage, Drifting in and Out, Odysseus, Woman King, Ziggy Dubstep & the Spiders from Mars, Landshark, Coke Arete, Sleepwalker, Sleeping with Ghosts, Archaic Torso of Apollo, etc (the list could go on) are all phenomenal boulder problems.

New Highballs at the Annex


Jared Ruggieri has put up some amazing new climbs on the big boulder up at the Sunfish Pond Annex. Great work and cannot wait to try these great additions. Good work friend!

Leap of Faith first ascent

Flipper first ascent

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