Northern PA Bouldering


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Chad Cowan First Ascents at Hidden Leaf

10.23.14 0 Fang Over Fang

A small new bouldering zone has popped up being called Hidden Leaf. Strategically located; filling in a small gap on that same old road between Triple Roofs and Falls Creek. Hidden Leaf has been developed by Chad Cowan and now that fall has arrived, we finally get a taste of where this kid has been hiding out all summer. Can’t wait to see more from here.

As more gets done here hopefully it can make its inclusion into the guide update. Another post on that coming soon.

Jared Ruggieri doing Tailspin at Sunfish Pond

10.18.14 0 Tailspin

Fall has been looking quite productive for the crew in the North East. Here is a video of Jared, slayin on of the best in PA; Tailspin. Good work!

Fall 2014 in Northern PA

10.16.14 1 Sleeping with Ghosts

The crew has been unstoppable. Chad does Vagabond and Brendyn does Sleeping with Ghosts. Top notch work fellas. Below is a video from Jared Ruggieri of Brendyn on the send. Sights like this get me so amped up to get out during the best season of the year. Slay it people.


Tailspin 3rd Ascent

07.31.14 3 Andrew Cieply - Tailspin

Nothing makes me more happy than to report that Mr. Andrew Cieply swooped up a solid send of Tailspin over the weekend at Sunfish Pond. It’s been a couple years since the problem has seen so much attention, in reality it should see ALL the attention. Great work, effort and determination friend. You ticked off one of PA’s best.

Secrets Warmup Session

06.06.14 0 Standard Warmup

Proving that there seems to be endless rock on that little plateau out in PA. Video from last year, when I showed Andy and Nina what I found the season before. This is just one of many nice boulders out there in an area dubbed the Secrets. Here are a couple of easier lines on a nice freestanding block.